Here are a few guidelines to consider before you start using Lucy.

Sit in the most comfortable and relaxed way. Adjust the placement of Lucy and the monitor of your computer to that position. Aim the laser on Lucy and adjust it so that the laser light spot is in the middle of Lucy when you are relaxed. After that try to reach every corner of Lucy. Itís preferred to do this together with an occupational therapist.

Also itís important to set the reaction speed in a comfortable way. This can be different for anyone. If you canít move fast, the reaction speed has to be low. If you have cp and canít keep your head still for long, your reaction speed might be high.

Avoid shining the laser into the eye of any living creature.

Take a brake every hour to relax your muscles. To avoid cramp or rsi.

Take your time to learn to work with Lucy. It took me a year practice for 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. Before I could type, without my occupational therapist holding my head. It seems a long time, but it was worth every minute of practice!!!